SBA Services

As you are aware, the government regulatory agencies that lenders may have to deal with as an SBA lender include the Office of Credit Risk Management, the SBA’s Office of Inspector General, federal banking regulators, and the Department of Justice. These regulators are known for being tough in their enforcement of standards in the small business lending industry. Without the advice of an experienced SBA lawyer, you could run afoul of the regulators, which may result in your loss of ability to provide SBA loans. Stark routinely advises lenders on any SBA matters or provide a range of other SBA legal services. In the past, small business lenders have come to us for SBA legal services including advice about SBA regulatory issuesSBA lender training, SBA creditor rights protection, SBA loan authorization procedures and SBA non-bank licensing issues. Here’s a list of the legal services we can provide to lenders nationwide:

  • SBA Compliance Audits and Reviews
  • SOP Guidance
  • SBA Creditors’ Rights
  • Preparation of SBA Litigation Plans
  • SBA Guaranty Purchase Reviews and Recovery
  • SBA Lender Training for lender clients
  • SBA Loan Documentation and Closing Services
  • SBA Regulatory Compliance and Lender Oversight
  • Business Litigation Services
  • Title Services

Stark can be your strongest ally as you navigate the ever-changing legal and regulatory landscape of small business lending and recovery.

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